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This is a category of pages marked for cleanup. Pages are only marked for cleanup if they need modification to existing content in order to match the sample article layout, or require the addition of a basic template. Please check the articles listed here and remove the {{Cleanup}} tag from them if they have been modified in accordance with the sample article since the tag was originally added. Please place the cleanup tag at the top of the required article.

Auto-populated list

This page might need to be purged before the list updates itself.
It is recommended to start working through templates from the top, as an issue or oversight in a previous template can trigger invalid template usage on a later template.
Category Count
Pages needing cleanup 82
Pages needing cover images 106
Pages needing references‎ 5,493
Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls‎ 8
Pages where template include size is exceeded‎ 2
Pages with broken file links 18
Pages with corrupt images‎ 44
Pages with ignored display titles‎ 0
Pages with no release dates 7
Pages with reference errors‎ 7