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So, you've found my research bunker and you wonder what's that? Well, it's basically a page, where I put all the information from games, I've researched, if I consider, they are not enough to grant a full page or if I simply don't have an English version of the game. Here you can also find a few failed experiments of mine (like games, which exe files, I've tried hex editing to run at widescreen, but found no adresses etc.). Basically - a long page, with a lot of cramped information.

Airfix Dogfighter

Widescreen resolution

  • They can be set in a launcher. Screen change vert-, HUD elements get smaller the wider the resolution. No other problems noticed.

Arsenal: Taste the Power

Widescreen resolution

  • I've managed to locate where in exe file resolutions are stored (the game has hardcoded 3 resolutions - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768).
  • Changing 1024x768 to widescreen one resulted in a game crashing. Changing it to 640x480 resulted in a game properly switching to 640x480, when selecting 1024x768 from options - this leads to the conclusion, it's impossible to run this game in a widescreen mode.
  • Oddly enough, screen's width is also stored in ARSENAL.CFG in the first 2 bytes.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Widescreen resolution

  • Launcher allows to select widescreen resolutions, when using D3D renderer. Everything is stretched (updated WSGF page).

Gorky 17

Widescreen resolution

  • The game is hardcoded to run at 640x480. I haven't found addresses, where resolution is stored in hex editing (it still might be stored there somewhere, but values are most likely extremely separated) (more than like 32 bytes).


  • They are useless, when it comes to this game. Most likely DXGL is going to be first, which will work with it (crash is most likely related to most DirectDraw/Direct3D wrappers lacking instructions for 3d rendering).


  • Yes, plenty and pretty much no fixes found. I'm surprised how such a technological garbage managed to found its way to GOG and Steam.

Stunt GP

Got a polish version - sorry page.

Skip intros

  • Set DISPLAY_BOOT_GFX = 0 in game.cfg.

Widescreen resolution

  • Launcher allows to select only 4:3 resolutions. Widescreen resolution however can be set when editing game.cfg.
  • Changing DISPLAYRESWIDTH and DISPLAYRESHEIGHT results in a game being stretched.