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Introduction Information


Your friendly neighborhood janitor bear.

I'm so sorry if earlier cringy text killed anyone.

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Articles Referrals (plz buy plox)
  • New game articles made by me.
  • My research article, may contain some stuff that doesn't fit on other pages and may not be backed up by much outside personal testing.
  • Things I focus on most when editing:
    • Frame rate, especially over 60 FPS.
    • Dualshock 4 compatibility (DirectInput and Steam Controller to some degree).
    • High quality screenshots.
  • Tools I use:
    • Dxtory, for FPS, screenshotting, 120 FPS recording and detecting used DirectX versions.
    • Gimp, for inspecting, cropping and combining screenshots.
    • DirectInput/XInput test tools thanks to Mirh.
    • ITAD for game availability.
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Don't mind these, just quick linking for stuff and thangs: