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This is a list of freeware macOS games whose 64-bit status is unknown.

Total number of games: 152

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byRelease date OS XMacOS Intel 64-bit appMac OS X PowerPC app
A Bewitching RevolutionColestia9 April 2019unknown
AdVenture CapitalistAdVentureHyper Hippo Games30 March 2015unknown
Age of Fear: The Free WorldAge of FearLeslaw SliwkoAge of Fear18 January 2019unknown
AmbreTräumendes Mädchen1 April 2013unknown
America's ArmyAmerica's ArmyU.S. Army16 July 2003unknown
Among Ripples
AmorousTeam AmorousSnaggletooth Studios13 April 2018unknown
Baldi's Basics - Field Trip
Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning
Black ShadesWolfire GamesWolfire Games2002unknown
BlamelessVaclav Hudec13 October 2016unknown
Blossoms Bloom BrightestReine WorksReine Works, Dharker Studio9 April 2017unknown
Buzz Aldrin's Race into SpaceStrategic VisionInterplay30 July 2012unknown
Caller's BaneMojang11 December 2014unknown
Cataclysm: Dark Days AheadCataclysmKevin Granade & communityunknownunknown
CayneStasisThe Brotherhood24 January 2017unknown
Chroma BlastWilliam Cheek23 June 2017unknown
Codename CURE
Colobot: Gold EditionColobotTerranovaTeam, EPSITECunknown
Cube 2: SauerbratenCubeWouter van Oortmerssen, Lee Salzman, Mike Dysart, Robert Pointon, Quinton Reeves, Dot3 Labs6 May 2004unknown
Cyrano StoryMoons of MadnessAlice & Smith16 April 2020unknown
Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure
Demise of NationsNoble Master8 August 2017unknown
Destination Sol
Doomdark's RevengeThe Lords of MidnightMike Singleton, Chris WildChilli Hugger Software17 February 2014unknown
Driftwood The Visual Novel
Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes BackAlcachofa SoftDigital Dreams Multimedia, Erbe Software20 October 2011unknown
Electronic Super Joy 2Electronic Super JoyMichael Todd Games2&30 Software9 August 2019unknown
Evening SurpriseAleksandr Soldatov, Leonid KozhushkoAleksandr Soldatov15 September 2017unknown
Everlasting SummerSoviet Games19 November 2014unknown
Exapunks: TEC Redshift Player
FallstreakFallstreakCenticerise Productions19 October 2018unknown
Fistful of FragsFistful of Frags Team9 May 2014unknown
Floating Point
FreeOrionFreeOrion Project28 February 2009unknown
Frets on FireUnreal Voodoo3 August 2006unknown
Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade EditionTwinbeard18 August 2020unknown
From Head to ToeParty for Introverts19 July 2019unknown
Garden of OblivionTräumendes Mädchen9 March 2018unknown
GaurodanLocomalitoLocomalito31 July 2013unknown
Harpoon!Niall Moody2017unknown
Hatoful KareshiHatoful BoyfriendPigeoNationMIST PSI PRESS31 July 2011unknown
Hibi Kake Iro no KisekiEcoddrPujia8 Studios, Gamera Game15 December 2017unknown
Hive TimeCheeseness, Mimness12 December 2019unknown
Home (2019)Lore Nine Studio11 May 2019unknown
Hotel TutwinRoxiano Creations15 April 2019unknown
How do you Do It?Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, Decky Coss, Joni Kittaka26 January 2014unknown
Humanity Must PerishZetsubou25 September 2017unknown
Idle Cooking EmperorShugasu GmbHShugasu GmbH28 April 2019unknown
In the Pause Between the RingingStudio OleomingusThe Irregular Corporation23 April 2019unknown
Infinitrap : RehamsteredInfinitrapShadebob Games18 January 2021unknown
Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne
Juniper's KnotDischan Media29 August 2017unknown
Kyle Is FamousJohn Szymanski18 November 2019unknown
L'Abbaye des MortsLocomalito, NevatLocomalitounknown
Lines Free by Nestor YavorskyyLines by Nestor YavorskyyKonstructors Entertainment27 October 2017unknown
Longest NightNight in the WoodsInfinite FallFinji21 December 2013unknown
Lost ConstellationNight in the WoodsInfinite FallFinji28 December 2014unknown
Lost Girl's DiarySmoleVN25 March 2016unknown
Love Thyself - A Horatio StoryEndlessAmplitude StudiosSega1 April 2019unknown
Lovers of AetherRivals of AetherDan Fornace3 April 2019unknown
M.A.R.S.Simon Schneegans, Felix Lauer11 March 2011unknown
MaSzynaEu07.pl2 August 2001unknown
Magical Otoge CielBatensan7 August 2015unknown
Maldita CastillaMaldita CastillaLocomalito, Gryzor87Locomalito12 December 2012unknown
Max GentlemenMax GentlemenThe Men Who Wear Many Hats21 August 2014unknown
MegaGlestSoftCoderMega Glest Team13 November 2012unknown
Mimpi DreamsMimpiSilicon Jelly22 March 2016unknown
Missing TranslationAlPixel Games, Luis Diaz, Gustavo Santos, Albert Fernandez, Tice ThomasonGamesBoosters24 September 2015unknown
Moe EraComfy Company4 February 2020unknown
NNMetanet Software27 June 2004unknown
NarcissuNarcissuStage-nanaInsani, Sekai Project2 August 2005unknown
Neon Beats
Nerts! OnlineZachtronics5 January 2021unknown
Nexuiz Classic
Oh...Sir! PrototypeOh...Sir!Vile MonarchGood Shepherd Entertainment21 December 2015unknown
Once Upon an All Hallow's EveRanVisual Wordplay18 January 2017unknown
Once on a Windswept NightEbi-himeEbi-hime, Sekai Project31 October 2016unknown
Open SpadesAce of SpadesOpenSpades Teamunknown
OverclockedMagnesium Ninja9 October 2018unknown
Panzer HeartsHELYEES25 April 2018unknown
PassageJason Rohrer13 November 2007unknowntrue
Passing Pineview ForestPineviewVIS GamesUnited Independent Entertainment21 November 2014unknown
Perceptions of the DeadPerceptions of the DeadIthaqua Labs31 October 2017unknown
Planet ExplorersPathea Gamesunknown
Portal Stories: MelPortal StoriesPrism Studios25 June 2015unknown
QuintetCarmine T. Guida1 February 2013unknown
Rapid TapWolfborg22 January 2018unknown
Red String of FateEbullience GamesTop Hat Studios26 January 2017unknown
Regeria Hope Episode 1Golden Game Barn5 March 2016unknown
Relic Hunters ZeroRelic HuntersRogue SnailZueira Digital18 August 2015unknown
ReliveStudio Evil15 October 2015unknown
Return of the TriadRise of the TriadLeon Zawada, Simon Rance16 September 2011unknown
Rising Angels: RebornRising AngelsIDHAS StudiosSekai Project31 October 2013unknown
S.A.I.A.'s Awakening: A Robothorium Visual NovelRobothoriumGoblinz Studio17 January 2019unknown
SCP-069-J: The sisters of Cheyenne PointSCPSuperstar Catalyst Project10 August 2014unknown
Samsara RoomRusty LakeRusty Lake29 April 2020true
Sapus TongueRicardo Quesada31 August 2010unknown
Seduce Me the OtomeSeduce MeMichaela Laws12 February 2015unknown
Sepia TearsScarlet String Studios8 January 2016unknown
Shepherd of LightBad Seahorse4 September 2019unknown
Sigils of Elohim
Six-Eight-TwoSCPDivinity Studios18 July 2012unknown
Slime Kingdom (Al Cheddah)Al Cheddahunknown
Snail Trek - Chapter 1: IntershellarSnail TrekPhil Fortier30 November 2017unknown
SoldatSoldatSoldat TeamTranshuman Design2018unknown
Sounds of Her LoveDs-sansDEVGRU-P9 March 2017unknown
Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius
Sword of FargoalSword of FargoalJeff McCord27 June 2007unknown
SymphoniaSunny Peak, ISART Digital12 July 2021unknown
The Abbey of Crime Extensum
The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne
The Dark ModThiefBroken Glass Studios19 June 2011unknown
The Devil Haunts MeGames by lum14 September 2018unknown
The HowlerAntanas Marcelionis, Renė PetrulienėEQ Games22 April 2013unknown
The Last WeekendKEXBOY30 December 2016unknown
The Lords of MidnightThe Lords of MidnightMike Singleton, Chris WildChilli Hugger Software1 July 2013unknown
The Orville - Interactive Fan ExperienceMessy Desk Interactiveunknown
The Plan (2013)Krillbite Studio10 February 2013unknown
The Sad Story of Emmeline BurnsEbi-himeSekai Project15 October 2015unknown
The Secret of Pineview ForestPineviewVIS GamesUnited Independent Entertainment31 October 2016unknown
The Thing With MistletoesRanRan, Visual Wordplay24 December 2016unknown
The Ur-Quan MastersStar ControlThe Ur-Quan Masters Team, Toys for Bob3 March 2003unknown
The White ChamberStudio Trophis30 November 2010unknown
There's Poop In My Soup - Pooping with FriendsThere's Poop In My SoupK Bros Games15 March 2017unknown
ThriveRevolutionary Games Studio16 May 2020unknown
Time ClickersTime GamersProton Studio23 July 2015unknown
TremulousDark Legion Development11 August 2006unknownunknown
Trick and Treat - Visual NovelEternal Night StudiosAlberto Herrera, Ziel Graywords, Stw projects23 December 2016unknown
Triennale Game CollectionMario von Rickenbach, Etter Studio, Tale of Tales, Cardboard Computer, Pol Clarissou, Katie Rose Pipkin, Santa RagioneSanta Ragione, La Triennale di Milano7 December 2016unknown
TripleASean Bridges1 October 2001unknown
Viki Spotter: CampingViki SpotterFor Kids16 July 2018unknown
WarsowWarsow Team28 July 2012unknown
Who Is Mike - A Visual NovelFerventAfterthought Studios29 September 2015unknown
Without WithinWithout WithinInvertMouse21 December 2014unknown
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
World of Padman
Written in the SkyUnwonted StudiosSekai Project17 October 2015unknown
XOXO Droplets
Your Dry DelightArgent GamesArgent Games2018unknown