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Downgrading and hex editing Blur (2010) to fix strange FPS behavior

Radmaxx (talkcontribs)

Hi Rose, This is a complicated issue and I am not entirely sure how to add this information on the game's page. Blur has been removed from Steam and the retail copies use a variant of SecuRom that may not be compatible with modern systems, effectively mandating the use of cracked executables for new configurations. The current page suggests that:

1- The game supports 120+ FPS (and is uncapped)
2- but causes audio issues (mainly crackling) and
3- changing the game's audio quality from "Low" causes additional audio problems. 

All of them are true at a glance but ultimately misleading. I have managed to find both the updated and the original versions of the game and realized all of the audio problems are caused by the update. (The update causes the crackling even at 60 FPS or lower anyways and higher FPS makes it more frequent; furthermore causing the audio to be cut off sooner at "Medium" and "High" audio presets regardless of frame rate). Additionally neither version actually support higher than 60 FPS output (framerate is internally locked at 60 FPS and re-renders those 60 frames as many times as needed to reach higher values and breaking a few post effects in doing so). This max actual FPS value can be hex-edited but it is only usable on the original version. I may also need to recommend DXVK (translate D3D9 calls to Vulkan) for a more stable performance overall but I can only verify this for myself. The questions are: A- Can I upload the cracked files of the original release directly to the page (and if so how)? B- Should I remove all mentions and links to the update on the page? (I haven't found any other differences between the two, even after extensive testing.) C- Should I mention DXVK and recommend the user to test each of APIs for themselves? Thanks for reading!

Dave247 (talkcontribs)

Hi Radmaxx, I just wanted to let you know that Rose has stepped away from the Wiki to focus on other things, so they are unlikely to reply. Your best bet to ask for help on articles would be to join the wiki Discord server and ask there in the #articles channel.

Radmaxx (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the heads up. After more extensive testing, I've updated the Blur page with all of the information added here and more to the best of my ability. If possible, please notify me on how to change or improve it if necessary.

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