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Thejorro (talkcontribs)

Citations for high frame rate issues cite a speedrun of the game that does not go into detail about some of the issues due to the nature of its casual commentary. A speaker mentions "poles don't work". Poles do in fact work but poles with additional interactions (e.g. flags that must be raised in the level Basic Braining) do not work. This is a gamebreaking bug as it halts progress.

I tested capping the frame rate to 60, 90, 120, 144, and 240 FPS. The flag on the pole was able to be moved with all of them. Uncapped, the game runs around 300 FPS, where this issue is present again.

It seems possible to play the game with minor, non-gamebreaking issues at up to 240 FPS as long as frame rate is capped.

There is another section that mentions RTSS running can result in game crashes after FMV playback. I experienced this as well, so frame rate is best capped with NVIDIA or AMD control panels.

Thejorro (talkcontribs)

Discovered issues later in the game with FPS over 120: trampolines and poles (vertical and horizontal) are significantly harder to grab onto. With more advanced platforming later into the game, this can cause significant issues. Early game, they are minor to the point of inconsequential.

These issues can be present even with 60 FPS, it seems that Psychonauts seems to gradually have more unstable physics as FPS increases. Testing with 120 FPS seems to be an acceptable compromise so far for casual, completionist level of play.

Note: there is a particular figment in the Waterloo level (Page 8 Row 4 Column 1) which requires players to glitch a trampoline jump to get it even in the vanilla and console versions, this seems to be an error native to the game and happens regardless of frame rate.

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