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Ohrensessel (talkcontribs)

Just tried the option described here: It just doesn't work. Not this option nor any other I found on the internet. XIII just doesn't seem to be able to be installed under Windows 10 Pro 64. I am very disappointed by how UBI handles this problem. It would be UBI's duty (since years) to provide a viable solution. I know of no other game that is so restricted regarding OSes and installing. Maybe anyone here has a solution. If this is the case I would be very thankful to get some input. I already spent hours on installing this game, without any success.

Mrpenguinb (talkcontribs)

Actually.... the website tells you how to install and run the game on Windows 10.

This is the installer that you need:

This is the video that you need

Mrpenguinb (talkcontribs)

I don't know much about the game, but a simple google search such as "How to install X111 on Windows 10" and clicking on the first video/result will tell you how to install it manually.

You unpack the .cab files manually, otherwise just install it on an earlier OS and get the game that way.

Scoobyjenkins (talkcontribs)

I had no issue installing the GOG version and then was able to install the latest unofficial patch.

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