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Transplant is fairly successful. Now need help filling in information for options with no explanations.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Transplanting my information from Went smoothly for the most part. Getting the spacing and formatting coherent and explained in non first person speech was probably most difficult.

Now, all that is needed really is to fill in the rest of the information for categories like GSYNC, SLI and Stereo. Unfortunately this is out of my area of knowledge. So if anyone knows. Please do post here so we can work it in!

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)
BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Some parts could be shorted, but I don't feel that's the right move for this page.

I've discussed this with others a few times briefly that this would be more of a wiki type article. Not a standard game page where more short and concise basic answers work without issue. (And honestly, Fix Boxes would just clutter the formatting. And serve zero functional purpose for explaining each of Nvidia Inspectors options.)

It's more about explicitly explaining (And as much as possible) objectively (With evidence based on years of usage, references and explanations) what each option actually does.(And how it works,whether it's long or not.). Not a simple basic explanation and a "yes/no/tweakable" article like most regular PCGW pages, where it is assumed people understand what the basic options are for the average game.

Inspector has a LOT of options,IMO it's better to actually explain what something does, rather than sugar coat it with something like this. So people actually KNOW what they are tweaking on profiles. (Instead of just "Change this to this because it's better!" Why is it better and how does it work?)
The utility makes it far easier to change things on a per profile basis than Nvidia Control Panel and it is required for forcing the vast majority of forms of Anti Aliasing possible from the Nvidia Drivers. There are many articles with information and flags to force AA on Nvidia GPUs, but no article that explains what Inspector is, how to use it, and what each option is and how it works.

I feel it's easier to redirect people to a page like this. Rather than having to constantly link and reference to the same thing (But actually much more wordier at 40,000+ characters and written less formally)on an external site for explaining what Inspector is and how to use it. With formatting that resembles a typical PCGW page.

To me, I have to feel like it's all or nothing with the way each option is written. If that's not something that everyone comes to a consensus that is found useful, information dump and all in this form.
Then you are all welcome to trim it down to be less wordy.(I will have to insist on keeping the Anti Aliasing sections as is if you do.) I am not interested beyond providing a Wiki style formatted article, as there is no other place like PCGW appropriate for such a thing. (And am open to ideas as to how to format the page better without removing text. Or using fix boxes, which I don't find functionally appropriate for this application in the context of PCGW)as explained above to be functionally different than a standard PCGW game page.

But it's not my site, and it's not my rules. So I suppose it's not up to me.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I never said that you need to remove anything which is important, but no one is going to read the page in its current state.

You can use

to explain things.

90% of most users either way don't care, they do want that more direct approach, anyone else wants all the good info to be presented in a few words in a simple and quick way.

The biggest issue is that most people are going to forget everything they read eventually, there's too much info to take in.

I don't want to interfere seeing as I think you can figure out what needs to stay and what is probably pointless.

Mirh (talkcontribs)

Don't know for DX, but at least in opengl threaded optimizations should be the glorious thing that put graphics commands queue in a separate thread than game one.

Though, as (I think I had already said somewhere?) there's quite a lot of lameness in how we can't decide where to put stuff.

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