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Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

Once again, we have come to the same issue. Bethesda thinks that Vsync is a FPS cap, that doesn't mean everyone else should handle it like one. It can be used like a cap, but as it depents on screens refresh rate so it shouldn't be considered as universal capping method because of that users end variable.

So, while I'm writing this, key point is "Capped at 60 FPS with the Vsync mode." and scrolling down to 120+ FPS, first of all FPS capping link is removed, again, and for some reason state is set to true with text of "Uncapped, affected by some major physics issues at higher framerates." and still 60 FPS states clearly that 60 FPS cap is required if vsync is disabled.

I'm not going to edit this article that much because I do not own the game, will not own the game for long time, but if physics issues are considered as 120+ FPS true, then you mean something like this and something like this are considered working games at over 120 FPS values? It's true that techically game does allow higher frame rates, but vsync disabling option being deliberately obscured withing config files and stuff getting broken when frame rate exceeds 60 FPS, I personally wouldn't consider high frame rates to be true, at all. I would consider it Bethesda being ignorant about current PC hardware and them just assuming everyone has 60Hz monitor and not playtesting over 60 FPS values.

I already fixed Skyrim article, because I may not want to know can the game get to 144 FPS after getting the game, I want to know what the hell to do when horses starts flying everywhere in my screen preventing me from playing the game at all when I get to that 144 FPS value so simply noting "Yeah, 144 FPS works, just some physic issues" is not helpful at that point.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I don't know, I did a quick cleanup, I never finished editing everything, it's all pretty tiring, from what I've read the game should be fine at around 100 - 120 FPS, even with these issues. I like to play the game at 70 FPS, because capping the FPS to 60 in Fallout 4 sucks, I don't know if I should say "cap it at 70 optimally, or something".

I was just trying to keep things simple, I really wish you guys would stop taking everything so literally, and it's not my fault if the developers are fucking idiots.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I'm sorry but this is kinda frustrating, the idea was is that it's playable at a certain point, so I guess it should be set to false anyway. Whenever I have to edit these strange articles lot's of things go through my mind, so I need some time to think first. I really wish you'd keep your posts a bit shorter, seeing as I often miss the point of what I'm supposed to be doing, and it just confuses me, so I never know what I should do or add.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

Now I set the 120 Hz field to hackable, but 60 and 120 only themselves should be fine apparently? But that doesn't seem like the case, I won't know without seeing it myself.

Meh... what a clusterfuck. If I had a DVI cable I could test the 120 Hz field, but I can't find that anywhere, I hate this crap already.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

Okay I'm just going to say that anything past 60 is bad until someone on the wiki can properly test these things.

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