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I ask because no one could really know what your reasoning was from your changes alone. Had you put that in the summary of either your original edit or when you reverted BONKERS' reversion of that original edit, or even discussed the change, we would be having a very different conversation - if one would even be necessary at all. It doesn't matter how correct you actually are - you do not revert a reversion without a given reason.
Also, if, as you say, the game runs fine on hardware which falls within the system requirements, that's not noteworthy in the slightest - it's what readers will expect and normally isn't a key point. Things like any framerate drops literally slowing down the game are noteworthy and should be key points; such reasons are why RaTcHeT302, a staff editor on this very wiki, has removed the "great port" key point altogether (due to the "great" part conflicting "framerate drop" key point) and kept and refined the "framerate drop" key point.