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hello, i am not new to this amazing wiki but i am putting "at least for a gtx970" because that is what durante used while testing and for my case, the port is fairly optimized for gt635m and why you ask? when i run gta V i have 30fps on medium-high settings and in mgs V in high settings i always have above 30fps. what i am trying to say is that tales of zestiria (in max settings except for aa) has almost the same framerate (sometimes reaching to 25fps) as those 2 other games and comparing the detail of the graphics, clearly tales of zestiria has less detail and shouldn't push the system the same way. what i am doing is right because i am warning the readers that at least it runs great on a gtx970 and not misleading them as the software runs great on any other graphics card. thanks for telling me the term "edit war" it is quite fun. so can you please have that information posted at least in another place? thank you.