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Fwinest JediThug (talkcontribs)

%APPDATA% | Per-user application-specific files

%LOCALAPPDATA% | User-specific and computer-specific application settings

%ProgramFiles% | Program files directory

%ProgramFiles(x86)% | Program files directory for 32-bit applications (64-bit systems only)

%ProgramW6432% | Program files directory for 64-bit applications (64-bit systems only)

%UserProfile% | current user's profile directory

%SystemRoot% | Windows directory [works only on NT based OS (NT3.1+)]

%windir% | Windows directory [works on NT based OS (NT3.1+) and MS-DOS based OS (Win 95/98/Me)]

See Wikipedia:Special_folder#List_of_special_folders and Wikipedia:Environment_variable#Microsoft_Windows

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

We were discussing this on the forums just recently. We've decided that for now we do not want to use any environment variables in the template, only things that aren't included among them.

Midoant (talkcontribs)

Looks like maybe this decision was updated and resolved?

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