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"Infobox_game" values

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The Forest - cover.jpeg
Developers   Company:Endnight Games
Engines   Engine:Unity
Available_on   Windows
Released   2018-04-30
Released_Windows   2018-04-30
Microtransactions   None
Modes   Singleplayer Multiplayer
Pacing   Real-time
Perspectives   First-person
Controls   Direct control
Genres   Survival horror
Art_styles   Realistic
Themes   Contemporary Horror Zombies
Series   The Forest
Steam_AppID   242760
Wikipedia   The_Forest_(video_game)
License   commercial

"Cloud" values

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Steam   true

"Video" values

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Widescreen_WSGF_award   gold
Multimonitor_WSGF_award   silver
Ultrawidescreen_WSGF_award   silver
4K_Ultra_HD_WSGF_award   incomplete
Widescreen_resolution   true
Multimonitor   true
Ultrawidescreen   true
4K_Ultra_HD   true
Field_of_view   true
Windowed   true
Borderless_fullscreen_windowed   false
Anisotropic_filtering   false
Antialiasing   true
Vsync   true
60_FPS   true
120_FPS   true
HDR   unknown
Color_blind   unknown

"Input" values

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Key_remapping   true
Mouse_acceleration   true
Mouse_sensitivity   true
Mouse_input_in_menus   true
Mouse_Y_axis_inversion   true
Touchscreen   unknown
Controller_support   true
Full_controller_support   false
Controller_support_level   partial
Controller_remapping   unknown
Controller_sensitivity   unknown
Controller_Y_axis_inversion   unknown
XInput_controller_support   unknown
Xbox_prompts   unknown
Xbox_One_Impulse_Triggers   unknown
DualShock_4_controller_support   unknown
DualShock_prompts   unknown
DualShock_4_light_bar_support   unknown
DualShock_4_connection_modes   unknown
Tracked_motion_controllers   true
Tracked_motion_controller_prompts   unknown
Other_controller_support   unknown
Other_button_prompts   unknown
Controller_hotplugging   unknown
Controller_haptic_feedback   true
Simultaneous_input   unknown
Steam_Input_API_support   unknown
Steam_hook_input   unknown
Steam_Input_presets   unknown
Steam_Controller_prompts   unknown
Steam_Input_mouse_cursor_detection   unknown

"Audio_settings" values

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Separate_volume_controls   true
Surround_sound   true
Subtitles   false
Closed_captions   false
Mute_on_focus_lost   false

"L10n" values

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Language   English
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   true
Subtitles   false
Language   Brazilian Portuguese
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   false
Subtitles   false
Language   Russian
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   false
Subtitles   false

"Multiplayer" values

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Local   hackable
Local_players   8
Local_modes   Co-op
LAN   unknown
Online   true
Online_players   8
Online_modes   Co-op

"VR_support" values

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Native_3D   true
Nvidia_3D_Vision   hackable
VR_only   unknown
HTC_Vive   true
Oculus_Rift   true
OSVR   unknown
Windows_Mixed_Reality   unknown
Keyboard_mouse   false
Tobii_Eye_Tracking   hackable

"API" values

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Direct3D_versions   9 11
Windows_32bit_executable   true
Windows_64bit_executable   true
macOS_Intel_32bit_app   unknown
macOS_Intel_64bit_app   unknown
Linux_32bit_executable   unknown
Linux_64bit_executable   unknown

"Tags" values

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Stub   false
Cleanup   false
Available_digitally   true
Config_data   true
Save_data   true
Tickcross_unknown   10
Settings_screenshots   true
Video_screenshots   true
Input_screenshots   true
Audio_screenshots   true
Network_screenshots   false
VR_screenshots   false

"Availability" values

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Available_from   Humble Store Steam
Available_from_historically   Humble Store Steam
Uses_DRM   Steam Steam Steam
Humble_Store_DRM   Steam
Steam_DRM   Steam