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<th scope="row" class="table-settings-video-body-parameter">[[Glossary:Anti-aliasing (AA)|Anti-aliasing (AA)]]</th>
<th scope="row" class="table-settings-video-body-parameter">[[Glossary:Anti-aliasing (AA)|Anti-aliasing (AA)]]</th>
<td class="table-settings-video-body-rating">{{Tickcross-a-na|{{{antialiasing|}}}|Anti-aliasing (AA)|{{{antialiasing notes|}}}}}</td>
<td class="table-settings-video-body-rating">{{Tickcross-a-na|{{{antialiasing|}}}|Anti-aliasing (AA)|{{{antialiasing notes|}}}}}</td>
<td colspan="2" class="table-settings-video-body-notes">{{#if: {{{antialiasing notes|}}} | {{{antialiasing notes|}}} | {{#ifeq: {{{antialiasing|}}} | false | {{#if: {{#var:DOS}}{{#var:PC booter}} | | ''See the [[Glossary:Anti-aliasing (AA)|glossary page]] for potential workarounds.''}}}}}}</td>
<td colspan="2" class="table-settings-video-body-notes">{{#if: {{{antialiasing notes|}}} | {{{antialiasing notes|}}} | {{#ifeq: {{{antialiasing|}}} | false | {{#if: {{#var:DOS}}{{#var:PC booter}} | | ''See the [[Glossary:Anti-aliasing (AA)#Forcing anti-aliasing|glossary page]] for potential workarounds.''}}}}}}</td>

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This template defines the table "Video_settings". View table.

Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This settings table is meant to contain all information relating to video settings. If a setting is hackable or requires additional notes, add the information below the table in a header like so:

===[[Glossary:Field of view (FOV)|Field of view (FOV)]]===
Fixbox here

and make note of it in the table in the following fashion See [[#Field of view (FOV)|Field of view (FOV)]].. Any smaller notes can and should be included directly in the table.

Below is a more thorough explanation of each of the possible arguments. Apart from the WSGF-related arguments, each can be appended with  notes to fill in the information in the Notes column.

All of the arguments may be set to: true, false, unknown, hackable and n/a (not applicable). Some rows will be however hidden from view in that case.

{{Video settings
|wsgf link                  = 
|widescreen wsgf award      = 
|multimonitor wsgf award    = 
|ultrawidescreen wsgf award = 
|4k ultra hd wsgf award     = 
|widescreen resolution      = 
|widescreen resolution notes= 
|multimonitor               = 
|multimonitor notes         = 
|ultrawidescreen            = 
|ultrawidescreen notes      = 
|4k ultra hd                = 
|4k ultra hd notes          = 
|fov                        = 
|fov notes                  = 
|windowed                   = 
|windowed notes             = 
|borderless windowed        = 
|borderless windowed notes  = 
|anisotropic                = 
|anisotropic notes          = 
|antialiasing               = 
|antialiasing notes         = 
|vsync                      = 
|vsync notes                = 
|60 fps                     = 
|60 fps notes               = 
|120 fps                    = 
|120 fps notes              = 
|hdr                        = 
|hdr notes                  = 
|color blind                = 
|color blind notes          = 
VR only titles

The following parameters are hidden automatically if the game is flagged as being a VR only title and the parameters are empty or set to false or unknown and their accompanied note is empty as well.

  • widescreen resolution
  • multimonitor
  • ultrawidescreen
  • 4k ultra hd
  • fov
  • windowed
  • borderless windowed
  • hdr