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|Game data/done
|Game data/done
|Game data/config
|Save game cloud syncing={{#vardefine:section|Video}}
|Save game cloud syncing={{#vardefine:section|Video}}
|#Default = [[Category:Invalid section order]]
|#Default = [[Category:Invalid section order]]

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This template defines the table "Video_settings". This table has not been created yet.

Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This table is meant to contain all information relating to video settings and features. If a setting is hackable or requires additional notes, add the information below the table in a header like so:

===[[Glossary:Field of view (FOV)|Field of view (FOV)]]===
Fixbox here

and make note of it in the table in the following fashion See [[#Field of view (FOV)|Field of view (FOV)]].. Any smaller notes can and should be included directly in the table.

Below is a more thorough explanation of each of the possible arguments. Apart from the WSGF-related arguments, each can be appended with  notes to fill in the information in the Notes column.

All of the arguments may be set to: true, false, unknown, hackable and n/a (not applicable). Some rows will be however hidden from view in that case.

  • wsgf link - link to the WSGF page.
  • widescreen wsgf award - WSGF award for widescreen support.
  • multimonitor wsgf award - WSGF award for multi-monitor support.
  • ultrawidescreen wsgf award - WSGF award for ultra-widescreen support.
  • 4k ultra hd wsgf award - WSGF award for 4K Ultra HD support.
  • widescreen resolution - whether the game can be played in a widescreen resolution.
  • multimonitor - whether the game can spread across multiple monitors.
  • ultrawidescreen - whether the game works in ultra-widescreen resolutions.
  • 4k ultra hd - whether the game works in 4K Ultra HD resolutions.
  • fov - whether the game has modifiable field of view (FOV).
  • windowed - whether the game has got a Windowed mode.
  • borderless windowed - whether the game has got the option to run or can be run in borderless fullscreen windowed mode.
  • anisotropic - whether the game has got anisotropic filtering (AF). Only applies to 3D games.
  • antialiasing - whether the game has got anti-aliasing (AA) support.
  • vsync - whether the game has got some form of vertical sync (Vsync).
  • 60 fps - whether the game supports 60 FPS.
  • 120 fps - whether the game supports 120+ FPS.
  • hdr - whether the game supports High dynamic range (HDR).
  • ray tracing - whether the game implements ray tracing.
  • color blind - whether the game has a color blind mode.
|wsgf link                  = 
|widescreen wsgf award      = 
|multimonitor wsgf award    = 
|ultrawidescreen wsgf award = 
|4k ultra hd wsgf award     = 
|widescreen resolution      = 
|widescreen resolution notes= 
|multimonitor               = 
|multimonitor notes         = 
|ultrawidescreen            = 
|ultrawidescreen notes      = 
|4k ultra hd                = 
|4k ultra hd notes          = 
|fov                        = 
|fov notes                  = 
|windowed                   = 
|windowed notes             = 
|borderless windowed        = 
|borderless windowed notes  = 
|anisotropic                = 
|anisotropic notes          = 
|antialiasing               = 
|antialiasing notes         = 
|vsync                      = 
|vsync notes                = 
|60 fps                     = 
|60 fps notes               = 
|120 fps                    = 
|120 fps notes              = 
|hdr                        = 
|hdr notes                  = 
|ray tracing                = 
|ray tracing notes          = 
|color blind                = 
|color blind notes          = 
VR only titles

The following parameters are hidden automatically if the game is flagged as being a VR only title and the parameters are empty or set to false or unknown and their accompanied note is empty as well.

  • widescreen resolution
  • multimonitor
  • ultrawidescreen
  • 4k ultra hd
  • fov
  • windowed
  • borderless windowed
  • hdr