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{{#if: {{{local play|}}}{{{lan play|}}}{{{online play|}}}{{{asynchronous|}}} | <h3>Multiplayer types</h3>{{#ifeq:{{#var:section}}|Localizations/done|{{#vardefine:section|Network/Multiplayer}}|[[Category:Invalid section order]]}}{{#vardefine:multiplayer|true}}{{#vardefine:Network|true}}
{{#if: {{{local play|}}}{{{lan play|}}}{{{online play|}}}{{{asynchronous|}}} | <h3>Multiplayer types</h3>{{#switch:{{#var:section}}
|#Default = [[Category:Invalid section order]]
<div class="container-pcgwikitable"><table class="pcgwikitable template-infotable" id="table-network-multiplayer">
<div class="container-pcgwikitable"><table class="pcgwikitable template-infotable" id="table-network-multiplayer">
<tr class="template-infotable-head table-network-multiplayer-head-row">
<tr class="template-infotable-head table-network-multiplayer-head-row">

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This template defines the table "Multiplayer". View table.

Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This template contains all information relating to multiplayer modes; see also {{Network/Connections}} and {{Network/Ports}}.

|local play           = 
|local play players   = 
|local play modes     = 
|local play notes     = 
|lan play             = 
|lan play players     = 
|lan play modes       = 
|lan play notes       = 
|online play          = 
|online play players  = 
|online play modes    = 
|online play notes    = 
|asynchronous         = 
|asynchronous notes   =