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<includeonly>{{#ask: [[Category:Games]] [[Uses engine::Engine:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]
| ?Developed by=Developer
| ?Published by=Publisher
|where=Engines HOLDS LIKE "Engine:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}"
| ?Release date=First release|+order=asc|+limit=1
| ?Available on=Systems|+order=desc
| ?Release date#ISO|+order=asc|+limit=1
|named args=yes
| intro         = <h2>Games</h2>
|intro={{Infobox engine/ti}}
| introtemplate  = Infobox engine/ti
|template=Infobox engine/row
| outrotemplate  = Infobox engine/to
| template      = Infobox engine/t
| format        = template
| default       =

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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).


Invoked either automatically through {{Infobox engine}} (if listgames is not set to false) or manually at an appropriate location of the engine pages.

Allows the selective hiding and repositioning of the list of games on engine pages, or includes lists of games using specific engines on other pages.


Automatically includes a list of games using the engine of the page the command is called from. This basically only applies when used on engine pages:

{{Infobox engine/query}}

Automatically includes a list of games using the specified engine:

{{Infobox engine/query|Engine Name}}