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EDIT TO TEXT BELOW: A few days after update 7 there was a new secret patch that they did not list on the update list. After this patch the traffic issues have returned. So ignore the statement I made below because they brought in a new patch that made traffic come back. There are many traffic related bugs listed so much that I don't want to delete them all. The traffic issue was totally fixed in Update 7 and there is no longer traffic congestion and your sims will use mostly the mass transit. You can have very high populated cities now with no traffic problems. Service, delivery, residential vehicles no longer get stuck in traffic and it removed all problems with trucks not showing up on time and really just totally fixes the game. If you haven't played the game since update 7 then get on it now!

This is an ever changing list. You are welcome to add any new issues that you encounter. Do please try and keep this page neat.
Please do not remove bugs—just strikethrough with what patch they were fixed in. You can strike-through text using the following code: <s>TEXT</s>
Please link workarounds and forum/reddit threads regarding the specific issue.
If possible include a source for bugs you find using the following code: <ref>[URL Article/Thread-Name]</ref>
To make it clear, Maxis Developers have been given a copy of this list and are now aware of all bugs here.

Major Game Bugs

  • #001 - Game will crash upon startup, Issues having to do with EAwebkit.dll. You need to unistall/reinstall game or delete SimCityUserData in SimCity folder.
  • #002 - Service Vehicles of all types (ambulances, buses, police cars, fire trucks, etc.) are not being dispatched if their buildings are intentionally demolished or destroyed by disasters, and then rebuilt (in particular when the vehicles are on-the-road when it happens). For ambulances, for example, you can look at the Health data map and not see them. This needs to be "automatically" fixed in existing cities, and without requiring a user-initiated building demolish/rebuild (aside from the extra potentially high costs, many users may not even realize that some of their vehicles are missing!).[1][2][3] [Status:]: No workarounds. Bug known by EA.
  • #003 - HazMat fires are 1) happening too frequently in industrial buildings, AND 2) always leaving the industrial buildings abandoned, even after quickly responding HazMat trucks put out the fires. According to the Prima SimCity Official Guide, fires in stage 1 should not do this. Industrial buildings, especially the large High Tech ones (which can be important to a city's economy), can take a long time to rebuild.
  • #004 - Disasters are unrealistically happening 1) too frequently, and 2) with too great effect potentially each time. Both should be limited significantly somehow. Also allow users to turn off disasters in the normal non-sandbox mode.[4]
  • #005 -
  • #006 - Some have observed that cities can be entirely made up of residential zones, without commercial and industrial ones, and still be prosperous. Update the game to also require the commercial and/or industrial zones (or at least some industrial output of some sort from the global market), as sims realistically need commercial and/or industrial jobs in order to gain money somehow.[5][6][7][8]
  • #007 - Recycling Centers can stop working, and once they do, they never start processing incoming materials again, and the collection trucks stop running. Status: Known Partial Workaround. New bug with 3.0, city stops producing recyclables.
  • #008 - City to city trades (gift) are late, slow or not occurring at all.
  • #009 - Power/waste/water does not trade properly with region neighbors. City A can have huge excess for sale but city B may only be buying 10% of the excess and be short on power/waste/water.
  • #010 - No Railroad - Discovery Delta has a city with no railroad connection but a railroad that stops at a bridge (the Island City)
  • #011 - Excess workers not being employed properly by region neighbors. Excess workers can be in city A and city B is not employing them.
  • #012 - Freight not being bought properly by region neighbors. Excess can be in city A and city B is not accepting it.
  • #013 - AI services (fire, ambulances, recycle, garbage, police) don't get to region neighbors properly. Excess sick can be in city A and city B has ambulances doing nothing yet not getting them to hospital. May be related to traffic issues.
  • #014 - AI utility services (fire, ambulances, recycle, garbage, police) don't "cheat" around traffic and get around them (This has been addressed in the 1.7 patch, though utility vehicles can still become trapped in traffic jams if there are no open lanes).
  • #015 - Service cars (police, fire, dump, etc.) distribution seems off, they often drive in a pack which decreases the overall effectiveness. (about to be fixed with patch 7.0)
  • #016 - Accidents aren't handled properly by emergency services.
  • #017 - Cars driving in circles for no reason.
  • #018 - Unable to build ploppables on top of fences, barrels etc. leftover from previously demolished items (1.7 Patched - all filler buildings can be bulldozed[9])
  • #18(a) - Service roads leftover from previously demolished items still prevent ploppables. They cannot be bulldozed as of 2.0. (still left over, but can be bulldozed as any other road)
  • #019 - Great works do not update resource count until all players in the region exit.
  • #020 - Additions to Great Hall do not translate over to the entire region. Build a department of transportation, but neighbors couldn't build train stations. Same with dept. of education as well.
  • #021 - Sims not using mass transit well, filling streets, adding to traffic AI problems.
  • #022 - Tourism fluctuation from 30,000 to 1000 for seemingly no reason.
  • #023 - Some buildings not affecting entire region. Trade/Metals/Petroleum HQ upgrades don't all work.
  • #024 - Sometimes roads can become completely broken and traffic gets indefinitely stuck on them. You need to delete the road to get the flow moving again.
  • #025 - Agents get stuck when deleting or downgrading road. Also when deleting building where agents are out in the region. Status:: No Workaround. Bug not known by EA.
  • #026 - Despite having multiple schools/colleges/universities, your people will become uneducated for no reason.
  • #027 - Water and power will sometimes break down and stop delivering correctly to all buildings. You need to remove roads and/or close buildings to fix the flow.
  • #028 - You can't buy 100% of water another city CAN sell to you (if you need 110L and a city can sell you 150L, you'll only buy 100L)
  • #029 - Educated sims won't commute and create medium/high tech industries in other cities.
  • #030 - Amount of free classroom spaces in region view is sometimes not calculated. In some case, the amount of Not Enrolled students is not updated and is equal to total of students in the city which makes the number of school place not good.
  • #031 - Cars can get stuck at the exit of a building a lock the street until you leave the city and reload it
  • #032 - Imports of oil and alloy (coal? ore?) fluctuate (can be 4,500 one time then 18,000 the next import) strangely. Status:: Possible Workaround. Bug not known by EA.
  • #034 - AI always takes the shortest route, never the fastest or best (traffic-dependent) (patch 1.7 released to fix this but still needs some tweaking)
  • #035 - When a delivery truck cannot unload its delivery to a factory (i.e. multiple trucks were dispatched but the factory only needed one truckload), the trucks return to their home depots/ports and any undeliverable resources disappear instead of being transferred back into the depot/port.
  • #036 - Sometimes fire trucks won't stop in front of building on fire. They'll drive slower in front of building then by pass it. Status:: No Workaround. Bug not known by EA.
  • #037 - A few car want to turn/U turn and wait to change to left/right most lane will block all cars behind.
  • #038 - Parks, regardless of type, add to low-wealth goods available, but when bulldozed do not remove those goods.
  • #039 - Parks, when bulldozed, will permanently delete any kid sims visiting the park.
  • #040 - If you bulldozed your bus terminal while the buses were out, then when you re-build it the new building "thinks" the buses are still out (the ones left out from the old building). This results in no buses becoming available. There is currently no way to fix this (you could place a second bus terminal, and every bus above and beyond what you had out originally will still work, but the rest will be wasted and will still cost you money).
  • #041 - Buses will get stopped on bus stops, causing massive traffic issues and forcing you to continuously delete and build bus stops. Seems to be more an issue with larger numbers of buses.
  • #042 - Trade port importing processors by train will sell 10k while the depot is already at max capacity
  • #043 - Parks, Short and Long Tree Rows have a maintenance cost of $10/hr, but if used in edit mode onto another park have a maintenance cost of $50/hr. No other park forms have such an unwarranted increase in maintenance cost when used in edit mode.
  • #044 - Student agents for residential buildings can become inactive. Students no longer show up in your enrollment statistics, but these students are still uneducated, and do affect your city's education level. Workaround: Bulldozed inactive agents buildings. Persistent Problem: Re-loging will undoubtedly cause more buildings to have inactive agents.
  • #045 - Shopper agents for residential buildings can become inactive. Shoppers no longer leave the building to attempt to shop. Workaround: Bulldozed the building. Persistent Problem: Re-logging will undoubtedly cause more buildings to have inactive agents.
  • #046 - After a bit of progression, attendance rates of education facilities may in some cases drop dramatically for no reason. Note: This is not the same is your students moving to the highest grade school in your city you have available. This is no school in the city taking in more than a few 100 students regardless. Workaround: Build all education facilities and max upgrade them so that your available desk essential triples your actual need. This will fix your attendance problem, but does not fix #044.
  • #047 - Plopping down attraction decreases number of tourists from a few thousand each day to few tens. Lots of hotels suddenly popped up in commercial zones but most of them are quickly abandoned due to "no shoppers", only to be demolished and popped back up again, just to be abandoned, again.
  • #048 - great works built from one city then don't appear built in another city that has been rolled back. as of 3.0
  • #049 - Department of transportation and tourism aren't shared throughout regions. as of 3.0
  • #050 - Music & sound effects sometimes stop or cut in & out with larger population cities (30k+?). sound effects are sometimes stuck on previously selected building, even after deselecting. re-loading the city does not resolve the issue
  • #051 - Arcology does not give the city any effect on the numbers of workers, shoppers, nor students going into the city.
  • #052 - Garbage Trucks are blocking service vehicles such as Fire Trucks and School Buses. This causes these vehicles as well all the other vehicles that were behind them at the time to get permanently stuck, and traffic will go around these vehicles if possible but not always. New issue as of 7.0 Update.
  • #053 - Arcology Launch Center keeps making sound while its gone for hours
  • #054 - Application quit at Lizard moving,and restart simcity, cannot destroy destroyed object by Lizard.
  • #055 - Sewage back up even when meter is in the green
  • #56 - Worker shortage on and off even with apartments/condos/towers. Bus stops all over the city and street car stops yet sims won't go find work.

Graphical Issues

  • #002 - Roads underwater
  • #003 - Driveways connecting to roads vertically
  • #004 - Buildings on avenues
  • #005 - Blinking buildings
  • #006 - Ploppables not graphically connecting to roads properly (e.g.: Tram depot)
  • #007 - Buildings on top of other buildings
  • #008 - Viridian Hills Region, Tosca Cliffs: passenger ferry dock can be plopped but never connected to your road infrastructure
  • #009 - User input devices (mouse and keyboard) stop responding. Game has to be stopped on an operating system level - i.e. using the task manager in Windows 7.
  • #010 - Sometimes the Library's textures will be Magenta.
  • #011 - Only the base/foundation of some medium and high density buildings; the rest is invisible.
  • #012 - When selecting a type of road to build, the screen turns black. Usually only for one type of road, but it changes with each city.
  • #013 - When a type of road to build is selected, the screen gets a blue tinge to it. When the road is unselected it goes away.
  • #014 - Roads do not level all ground correctly and hills will clip over roads. [Screenshot included shortly]
  • #015 - Sometimes the mouse pointer is invisible, when a window is opened in front of an active data map (e.g. tourism map). (right-click or pressing ESC solves the problem in most cases)
  • #016 - When Plopping signs or buildings that suppose to have signs the signs are blank. This can be fixed if you put the textures in the graphics menu on a higher detail.

Upgrade Suggestions

  • #001 - Larger map sizes
  • #002 - Terrain tools
  • #003 - Actual RCI interaction
  • #004 - When you have multiple trade ports attached to rail, the train that comes in to pickup goods doesn't prioritize pickup at all (selects randomly).
  • #005 - Casinos fixes (patch in the works apparently)
  • #006 - Income generated from tax vs cost of higher end stuff like hospitals, police precincts and large fire stations. They will destroy your cash flow fast.
  • #007 - Delivery trucks on trade ports get massively confused when supply chain becomes complex. Even if you build a trade port purely focused on one thing, the trucks that exit that port will still lock onto another resource you might not be in need of as much.
  • #008 - Walking only option for streets. Emergency/important only option for streets?
  • #009 - One Way Streets, Interchanges, Roundabouts
  • #010 - Over and Under Pass Roads, Train and Streetcar
  • #011 - Subway System, MonoRail, High Speed Rail and Mag Lev
  • #012 - Assigning vehicle routes (buses and streetcars but also police cars on patrol or marshals etc.)
  • #013 - Active freight system, which anyone can feed the region's commercial buildings with freight. Commercial buildings will require real freight from industry to make restock. Also freight will be available on global market. Thus makes it tradable.
  • #014 - Add a "Bulldoze ALL Abandoned/Rubble Buildings" button. Constantly having to bulldoze each one individually every few hours can be very tedious, and can detract from enjoying the game. Also ensure that the lower-right-hand Bulldoze button lights up to the yellow color more quickly when a building becomes abandoned or is rubble (sometimes it has taken a while).[11]
  • #015 - Intersection Options and Controls (Stop Signs, Lights, Lane Turn / Must Turn / No Turn / Multi Lane Turn ) Complete Intersection Controls over Traffic. More Advanced no turn except Bus and Emergency Vehicle Ok.
  • #016 - U-Turns and Turn Lanes (Would suggest options for All Traffic, Bus, Emergency or Only during Hours Options) along with extended Road Controls with above mentioned #009 #010 and #015
  • #017 - Hydro Electric plant and other teasers to be put back in game from trailer that were originally promised.
  • #018 - Add Power Lines that were originally in game back Into game to create island and other types of power grids as was demonstrated in pre-October game reviews and demonstrations by Maxis.
  • #019 - Add Real Traffic problems (3 Car Pile Ups, Over turned Trucks, Hit and Runs, Fender Benders, Police Speed Chases, Fire and Rescue, trapped people in building fires with rescues). Visual items to watch beyond robot in streets or twister, more real and common problems to deal with.
  • #020 - Add a Train Yard, Transportation Yard visually active and practical with item #011
  • #021 - Add Sunflower Farm to help decontaminate radiation zones faster (Based on real life use of plant properties helps give excuse to speedup clean up of 2500 year limit if it could be added)
  • #022 - Add a Wine Vinyard and other types of plopables with expandable properties similar to Oil but for Farming and Crop Creation for a different or additional type of City Specialization. Farming could be implemented in this fashion to bring goods to market and create new types of shops and industries as a result.
  • #023 - Accessible Expenses Map - adding a button to access this map at every time
  • #024 - Visualization of the relation between Land Cost and Income Class of residential and commercial zones to be able to see sims who are annoyed by low land value.
  • #025 - great works perform better impact on the city and brings usful stuff for the city
  • #026 - Add climate changes (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) as well as weather (Rain, Snow, Hot sun, Wind, etc.) and thus all the consequences you have to deal with (traffic issues during heavy snow, greater income from pools, beaches and ice cream shops, sunburns, umbrellas popping from pedestrians during rain, slippery road during rain, etc.).

Launch Issues

  • #001 - Unable to see Origin friends in game
  • #002 - Tutorial hints cannot be turned off, repeat with each new city.
  • #003 - Servers being full.
  • #004 - Second city keep crashing
  • #005 - Cities de-syncing, not processing properly and forcing you to rollback, or in extreme cases abandon the city
  • #006 - Cities disappearing entirely from the region
  • #007 - Clock disappeared
  • #008 - Changing speeds no longer worked
  • #009 - Random crashes.
  • #010 - Trades don't occur properly between cities
  • #011 - In game chat doesn't work. Region invitations don't show up in game, need to exit to see it. See point #001.
  • #012 - All options for the in game menu don't load.
  • #013 - Origin only downloads about 286 MBs worth of data (rest is downloaded upon first launch), then doesn't play properly. Even with multiple installs/uninstalls and only way to fix so far is to install via DVD and not through Origin.
  • #014 - "Friends" are visible in Origin, you can talk to them in-game, however you cannot invite them to your region.
  • #015 - A few car want to turn/U turn and wait to change to left/right most lane will block all cars behind.


  • #001 - binaryrage's suggestion for traffic: (Note: I don't know if it'll work for all the bigger cities)
  • On traffic - use high density roads back one intersection. It'll add traffic lights and avoid the worst of the flareups. I have a 60K city with almost no traffic and the only transport I have is street cars down one main avenue.
  • #002 - Hive_64 suggestion for random crashes:
  • If you get the random crash and loss of progress, try disabling Origin in game (ctrl + f1 in game, options there, disable origin in-game). Next, restart your client. I kept crashing every ~20 minutes when I would start a game and this fixed it for me.
  • #003 - Police Precinct Cars abnormally large - Evidence
  • #004 - If you open the Mass Transit menu, go to planes, and pause the game when a plane is over your city. Now click the plane icon on top of the plane and click follow. You have expanded the camera up.

u\shadowclaimer's crashes

  • #001 - City claimed, started construction, believe it crashed when connected to region, 3 other cities + International Airport in works (Reproduced in Crash 2)
  • #002 - City claimed, started construction, believe it crashed when connected to region, 3 other cities + International Airport in works
  • #003 - Opened recyclables map in city with tons of recyclables.
  • #004 - Placed School of Business, opened Budget, Budget opened then crashed.
  • #005 - Random Crash, completely random
  • #006 - Crash 1/2 similar, basically starting any new city when the servers are being weird/slow tends to blow up and crash. My girlfriend had this bug for about an hour trying to start new cities, claimed like 3 different plots, all of them crashed.

u\shadowclaimer's minor bug reportings

  • #001 - Recycling Center - Metal Reclamation Lines are too wide, if placed first you cannot place anything else, if placed last its fine. Randomly stop producing goods.
  • #002 - Road Connections - Are broken whenever elevation is involved, gets really screwy, leads to really inconvenient creations
  • #003 - Traffic - Has something wrong with it, I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is, but out of 6+ cities, each with different road layouts/road density/avenue-no avenue bits, I hit massive massive traffic backup. Huge bus networks, trains, planes, etc. did NOT help.
  • #004 - Magical Criminals - Loaded my city, dozens of criminals, they were wrecking my city and spiraling it down. I join my neighboring one and all those criminals unload off a train into it (like 20-30 criminals into a city with usually 0). I capture most of them/the rest board the train to leave. When I log back on my other city, they're all gone. Whether intentional/a bug or not, its absolutely absurd.

u\macellan's minor bug reportings

  • #001 - International/cultural digital deluxe set not changing buildings to look like target country.
  • #002 - Can't claim cities in my own private zone.
  • #003 - Streetcars wander, no logic, over hit one area, completely ignore another. Riders/day bugs at a number and never changes.
  • #004 - Road bugs when starting a city, can't connect to main road.
  • #005 - Mass transit keeps getting stuck at one number. Population dropped from 220k to 32k and 7687 riders for buses, 18598 riders for light rail is stuck and does not change.

u\kweds' minor bug reportings

  • #001 - Hospital gets demolished when placing ambulances, and is left with an un-demolishable grey service road afterwards.
  • #002 - Curvy road visuals bug out when at edge of map.
  • #003 - Train Station says it's not connected to rail when it is.
  • #004 - Transportation statistics does not show menu statistics, but shows on building info.