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Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo cover.jpg
Developers   Company:Humongous Entertainment
Publishers   Company:Humongous Entertainment Company:Night Dive Studios
Engines   Engine:SCUMM Engine:ScummVM
Available_on   Windows 3.x Windows Mac OS Windows OS X Linux
Released   1995-01-01 1995-12-31 1996-01-01 2014-07-03 2014-07-03 2014-07-03
Released_Windows_3x   1995
Released_Windows   2014-07-03
Released_Mac_OS   1996
Released_OS_X   2014-07-03
Released_Linux   2014-07-03
Wrappers   ScummVM ScummVM ScummVM
Wrappers_Windows   ScummVM
Wrappers_OS_X   ScummVM
Wrappers_Linux   ScummVM
Series   Putt-Putt
Steam_AppID   294660
Wikipedia   Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo
License   commercial

"Cloud" values

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Steam   true

"Video" values

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Widescreen_resolution   unknown
Multimonitor   unknown
Ultrawidescreen   unknown
4K_Ultra_HD   unknown
Field_of_view   unknown
Windowed   unknown
Borderless_fullscreen_windowed   unknown
Anisotropic_filtering   unknown
Antialiasing   unknown
Vsync   unknown
60_FPS   unknown
120_FPS   unknown
HDR   unknown
Color_blind   unknown

"Input" values

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Key_remapping   unknown
Mouse_acceleration   unknown
Mouse_sensitivity   unknown
Mouse_input_in_menus   unknown
Mouse_Y_axis_inversion   unknown
Touchscreen   unknown
Controller_support   false
Full_controller_support   unknown
Controller_support_level   false
Controller_remapping   unknown
Controller_sensitivity   unknown
Controller_Y_axis_inversion   unknown
XInput_controller_support   unknown
Xbox_prompts   unknown
Xbox_One_Impulse_Triggers   unknown
DualShock_4_controller_support   unknown
DualShock_prompts   unknown
DualShock_4_light_bar_support   unknown
DualShock_4_connection_modes   unknown
Tracked_motion_controllers   unknown
Tracked_motion_controller_prompts   unknown
Other_controller_support   unknown
Other_button_prompts   unknown
Controller_hotplugging   unknown
Controller_haptic_feedback   unknown
Simultaneous_input   unknown
Steam_Input_API_support   unknown
Steam_hook_input   unknown
Steam_Input_presets   unknown
Steam_Controller_prompts   unknown
Steam_Input_mouse_cursor_detection   unknown

"Audio_settings" values

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Separate_volume_controls   unknown
Surround_sound   unknown
Subtitles   unknown
Closed_captions   unknown
Mute_on_focus_lost   unknown

"L10n" values

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Language   English
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   true
Subtitles   true
Language   Dutch
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   true
Subtitles   false
Language   French
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   true
Subtitles   false
Language   German
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   true
Subtitles   false

"API" values

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Windows_16bit_executable   true
Windows_32bit_executable   true
Windows_64bit_executable   false
macOS_Intel_32bit_app   unknown
macOS_Intel_64bit_app   unknown
Linux_32bit_executable   unknown
Linux_64bit_executable   unknown

"Tags" values

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Stub   true
Cleanup   false
Available_digitally   true
Config_data   false
Save_data   false
Tickcross_unknown   21
Settings_screenshots   false
Video_screenshots   false
Input_screenshots   false
Audio_screenshots   false
Network_screenshots   n/a
VR_screenshots   n/a

"Availability" values

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Available_from   Retail GamersGate Green Man Gaming Humble Store Steam
Available_from_historically   Retail GamersGate Green Man Gaming Humble Store Steam
Uses_DRM   Unknown Steam Steam Steam DRM-free
Retail_DRM   Unknown
GamersGate_DRM   Steam
Green_Man_Gaming_DRM   Steam
Humble_Store_DRM   Steam
Steam_DRM   DRM-free