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<noinclude>{{Projectbox|content=This project page is for the maintenance of a News section on PCGamingWiki.
* Market people to view articles that will receive high interest based on recent news.
* Highlight platform changes on articles which will require substantial changes/attention.
* Encourage community participation in current events.
* Make it easier for Andytizer (or anyone else) to create News articles quickly.
'''Inclusion criteria'''
* Any games with high wishlist/player counts/press coverage/notability/surprise announcement/releases.
* Major platform changes e.g. GOG/Steam/Origin/Microsoft Store.
* Major DRM changes e.g. removal of Denuvo or becoming DRM-free.
* Major patches or content changes.
* Notable sales.
* Don't cover new releases, those are covered in [[PCGamingWiki:Assignments]].
* Brief and concise and ideally a single sentence with period at the end.
* Internally link where possible in order to encourage users to click through to an article.
* Explain why the change might be considered interesting to the reader/PCGamingWiki visitor.
* Add additional information that can't be summarised in the title can be placed in  the Notes field.
* This is currently set to an abbr tag which mouse users can use to hover. Mobile solution needs to be developed.
* [[PCGamingWiki:News/Table]] - this is the area where the data is kept.
* New rows are added newest at the top.
* Currently Moderators and Editors only have permission to edit this page.
* When the Table is edited, it also needs to be purged for the data to refresh in the queries.
* <code>Title</code> - concise title.
* <code>Date</code> - Month dd format.
* <code>Link1</code> - URL only.
* <code>Link2</code> - URL only.
* <code>Link3</code> - URL only.
* <code>Notes</code> - any additional information, ideally a single sentence, no formatting/links.
* <code>Community</code> - URL to community site only.
* <code>Pin</code> - true/false - this will pin to the top in certain queries. Ideally only 2 or 3 pinned at any one time.
'''Main contacts'''
* [[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]]
* Discussion should be in the #News channel on [[PCGamingWiki:Discord|Discord]].
'''Related pages and templates'''
* {{T|News/row}} - each data row is used in [[PCGamingWiki:News/Table]].
* {{T|News/displayonly}} - only used for cargo queries so as to not duplicate table rows.}}</noinclude>
==Latest 20 News rows==
==Latest 20 News rows==
* See the [[PCGamingWiki:News/Table]] for the full data.
* See the [[PCGamingWiki:News/Table]] for the full data.

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Latest 20 News rows