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Project aim

  • Update and complete articles for every single GOG.com game to the highest standard.


  • Refer to the Editing guide (along with the Sample article) and fill in all issues and fixes, test windowed/borderless fullscreen modes, controllers, etc.


  • Request access to our shared GOG.com press account on the Forums.
  • Alternatively, discuss the project on the Talk page.

Other information

Main contact

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GOG.com Enhancement Project

Completed 2291 of 4069 games

Auto-populated list

An archived version of the old list can be found here.

Total number of games: 4069


Stubs: 1778



Completion state can be tracked over on this page. Use this page for games on the shared GOG.com press account.
Completed: 2291


Games removed from sale

These are games which have been removed for sale from GOG.com and remain for the sake of completeness. Users who purchased them previously are able to download and play these games as usual. These do not need to be completed for the project.
For more information on games that have been removed from sale, see the GOG.com Community Wiki's article dedicated to the topic (archived).