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[[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]] will purchase new games (out of pocket) in exchange for well-written articles completed on Day 1 of release.
Refer to the [http://community.pcgamingwiki.com/forum/23-assignments/ Assignments] forum for available review codes and allocation.
PCGamingWiki needs to keep up to date with new games in order to remain relevant and to be kept up to date. In exchange for well-written articles completed on Day 1 of the release of a game, [[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]] is happy to reimburse or provide review codes of new games. Sometimes developers and publishers will provide review code, but the majority of time, the cost of the new games will be paid out of [[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]]'s pocket. Therefore there will be a strict policy on who will be able to receive these review codes.
==Person Specification==
*Reviewer must show evidence of making high quality contributions to PCGamingWiki in the past.
*Reviewer must have a number of active forum accounts in good standing.
==Review Process==
*Eligible reviewers who meet the person specification can submit a request for review code of any new game to [[User_talk:Andytizer|Andytizer]].
*Requests should be made at least 5 days before the release of the game.
*Reviewer MUST complete the article within 24hrs of the game first going live in the first territory (for example, 24hrs from the US release of a game). This involves:
**Completing as much of the [[PCGamingWiki:Sample Article|Sample Article]] as possible, including filling out all the templates and tables.
**Researching and listing as many issues and fixes as possible on forums, FAQs and support lines.
*Reviewer MUST maintain the article and keep it up to date over the next 3 days.
*Reviewer MUST post links to their article in the relevant forums.
*[[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]] reserves the right to deny free review code to anyone for any reason.
*If the reviewer breaks the terms of the agreement or is late, then [[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]] will deny future review code to that individual.

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Refer to the Assignments forum for available review codes and allocation.