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== Contact details ==
== Contact details ==
PCGamingWiki is administrated and moderated by [http://www.andytizer.co.uk Andrew Tsai] aka [[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]].
[[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]] (Founder) is available on:  
[[User:Andytizer|Andytizer]] (Founder) is available on:  
*[http://steamcommunity.com/id/andytizer Steam]
*[http://steamcommunity.com/id/andytizer Steam]

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PCGamingWiki was founded on 09 February 2012. The site and its community have attracted some of the most friendly and passionate PC gamers motivated in helping others with their problems.

Contact details

Andytizer (Founder) is available on:

Forrest Fuqua aka JRWR (Server Admin) is available on:


It's an honour to be working on a project which I hope will benefit the PC gaming community.

Thanks to:

  • Everyone who has written, edited and helped with the content on the site.
  • JRWR for his server admin help.
  • The moderators for all their help.
  • All the people who have made donations. Your names are on the home page to show my appreciation to all you guys.
  • Randall Munroe from xkcd for having such an awesome usage policy for his comics.

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