Hoyle Bridge

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Hoyle Bridge
Hoyle Bridge cover
Sierra On-Line
Release dates
Windows 3.x 1996
Windows 1996
Hoyle Bridge on MobyGames
Hoyle's Official Book of Games: Volume 1 1989
Hoyle's Official Book of Games: Volume 2 1990
Hoyle's Official Book of Games: Volume 3 1991
Hoyle Classic Card Games 1993
Hoyle Classic Games 1995
Hoyle Blackjack 1996
Hoyle Bridge 1996
Hoyle Casino 1996
Hoyle Children's Collection 1996
Hoyle Solitaire 1996
Hoyle Classic Board Games 1997
Hoyle Poker 1997
Hoyle Battling Ships and War 1998
Hoyle Board Games 1998
Hoyle Backgammon & Cribbage 1999
Hoyle Card Games 1999
Hoyle Word Games 1999
Hoyle Board Games 2001 2000
Hoyle Casino (2000) 2000
Hoyle Crosswords 2000
Hoyle Kids Games 2000
Hoyle Mahjong Tiles 2000
Hoyle Slots & Video Poker 2000
Hoyle Slots 2001
Hoyle Casino (2001) 2001
Hoyle Card Games 2002
Hoyle Casino Empire 2002
Hoyle Majestic Chess 2003
Hoyle Casino 2004 2003
Hoyle Table Games 2004 2003
Card Games: Hoyle 2004 Edition 2004
Hoyle Poker Series 2005
Hoyle Solitaire (2005) 2005
Hoyle South Beach Solitaire 2007
Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles 2008
Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games 2008
Hoyle Video Poker 2009
Hoyle Official Card Games 2015
Hoyle Official Casino Games 2016

Key points

Can be played on ScummVM.[2]


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
DRM details are not known
Windows 3.x

Game data

Configuration file(s) location

System Location

Save game data location

System Location

Save game cloud syncing

ScummVM 2.1+ supports cloud saves on third-party cloud storage services. See the ScummVM user manual for details.

Video settings

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Input settings

Template:Input settings

Audio settings

Template:Audio settings


Language UI Audio Sub Notes

Other information


Executable16-bit 32-bit 64-bit Notes
Windows 3.x version might be playable on a 64-bit OS using winevdm.


No middleware information; you can edit this page to add it.

System requirements

Windows 3.x
Operating system (OS) 3.1
Processor (CPU) Intel i486
System memory (RAM) 8 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
Other 2x CD-ROM drive
Operating system (OS) 95
Processor (CPU) Intel i486
System memory (RAM) 8 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
Other 2x CD-ROM drive


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