Europa Universalis III

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Europa Universalis III is a strategy game by Paradox Interactive.

Availability and Patches

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Europa Universalis III

The original release of the game. Current version is 1.3.

Napolean's Ambition

First expansion pack. Current version is 2.2.

In Nomine

Second expansion pack. Current version is 3.2.

Europa Universalis Complete

Contains Napolean's Ambition and In Nomine expansions. Current version is 3.2.

Heir to the Throne

Third expansion pack. Current version is 4.1.

Divine Wind

Fourth expansion pack. Current version is 5.1.

Europa Universalis III Chronicles

Contains all four expansion packs. Current version is 5.1.

List of Available DLC

  1. Revolution SpritePack
  2. Medieval SpritePack
  3. Englightenment SpritePack
  4. Reformation SpritePack
  5. Heir to the Throne
  6. Divine Wind
  7. Eastern - AD 1400 Spritepack
  8. Western - AD 1400 Spritepack

General Issues

DirectX Issue

Problems with the game crashing, with an error in d3dx9_35.dll or d3dx9_41.dll may be caused by missing DirectX 9 components. Installing DirectX 9.0c from Microsoft may correct this problem. DirectX 9 can be downloaded here.

Tutorial Crashing

The Europa Universalis Complete edition contains a tutorial mode that does not function, and Paradox has advised players not to use it. Beginning with the second tutorial, the game may crash when the tutorial is activated. Renaming or deleting the game's music folder may prevent the crash, at the expense of the music.

System Requirements