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This article documents a game currently under development - information may change frequently and could be outdated or irrelevant.
Embr cover
Muse Games
Curve Digital
Unity 2019[Note 1]
Release dates
Windows Early access
Microtransactions None
Modes Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Perspectives First-person
Controls Direct control
Genres Action, Shooter
Themes Cartoon, Stylized
Embr on IGDB

Embr is a cartoon-stylized first-person shooter action game emphasizing comedic and casual physics-based gameplay. Developed by Muse Games, developers of the Guns of Icarus titles, alongside publisher Curve Digital, Embr makes use of the Unity engine. This title also takes full advantage of many Unity 2019 features, such as Vulkan support and Google Stadia cross-play.

The game released on May 21, 2020 through Steam via the Early Access program.[2]

The early access roadmap as of May 20, 2020 indicates that Embr is expected to fully launch within about 12 months of further development. The developers seek to expand on the current gameplay loop and create new content for the game based on feedback from their current version.[3]

General information

Official Discord server
Steam Community Discussions


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Icon overlay.png
Green Man Gaming
Icon overlay.png
Humble Store
Icon overlay.png
Icon overlay.png
All versions require Steam DRM.

Game data

Configuration file(s) location

System Location
Windows HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Muse Games\FireProject
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1062830/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game data location

System Location
Windows HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Muse Games\FireProject
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1062830/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game cloud syncing

System Native Notes
Steam Cloud


Video settings
Video settings

Graphics feature State Notes
Widescreen resolution
Windowed Mode and Resolution settings are combined into one drop-down box.
Fullscreen/Borderless can only be selected at native desktop resolution.
Selecting any specific resolution will render in windowed mode.[4]
Hor+ scaling.[5] Some out-of-bounds areas can be seen in menus. UI elements expand based on resolution and can become cumbersome at wider aspect ratios, especially in menus.[6] The developers are aware of multi-monitor HUD issues.[7]
Hor+ scaling.[5] Some additional clipping is present on menus.
4K Ultra HD
Field of view (FOV)
55 - 80 degrees.
Select any specific resolution from the list to enable windowed mode.
Borderless fullscreen windowed
In-game Fullscreen Windowed option only allows for desktop resolution.
See Custom resolution.
Anisotropic filtering (AF)
No option included. Anisotropic quality unknown.
Anti-aliasing (AA)
Unknown type with three quality settings.
Vertical sync (Vsync)
60 FPS and 120+ FPS
High dynamic range display (HDR)

Custom resolution

The resolution for fullscreen and borderless windowed mode cannot be manually set.
Many launch arguments are ignored, resetting to the last selected in-game option once the main menu loads.
Use windowed mode (workaround)[10]
  1. Select a specific resolution from the in-game list.
  2. Begin the next job in windowed mode.
  3. Press Alt+ Enter in-game to switch to a borderless fullscreen window.


If entering a job in fullscreen mode, the game will return to desktop resolution.
This can be prevented by using an external tool for borderless fullscreen windowed mode.


Gameplay settings
Gameplay settings


Audio settings
Audio settings

Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Master, Master SFX, Elemental (environment), Player (characters), and Music.
Surround sound
No spoken dialogue outside of tutorial voiceover (English only).
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost


Announcer voice in tutorial is only voiced in English. This has no impact on the game.
Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese


Multiplayer menu (Create Game)
Multiplayer menu (Create Game)
Multiplayer menu (Join Game)
Multiplayer menu (Join Game)
Includes Cross-play with Google Stadia players.

Multiplayer types

Type Native Players Notes
Local play
LAN play
4 Co-op
Online play
4 Co-op
Includes a password option for private lobbies.

Connection types

Other information

Bug reporting menu
Bug reporting menu


Technical specs Supported Notes
Direct3D 11 Available as a fallback launch option.
Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes

System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor (CPU) Intel i5 6600 Series 3.5 GHz
Intel i7 4760 3 GHz
System memory (RAM) 8 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 8 GB
Video card (GPU) DirectX 11 compatible
A 64-bit operating system is required.


  1. Unity engine build: 2019.3.3f1[1]
  2. 2.0 2.1 File/folder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/<user-id>/1062830/ in addition to or instead of this directory. The app ID (1062830) may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.


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