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Wii U GamePad
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Use with PC platforms



A program on your PC that captures controller inputs from a Wii U GamePad over a LAN.
Open the Wii U Web Browser to the URL given within the program, it will start reading inputs from the Pad.
Has GUI allowing for customizable controls.
Controls use keyboard mappings for buttons.
Some buttons do actions in the Wii U Web Browser and are pretty much unusable through this method. "Y" is one such button as it opens your bookmarks. Opening the input page in a new tab will help ensure most buttons will work.
The Wii U must be on and online enabled.


Can be recognized as Xbox 360 controller but after manual assignment. Controller cannot be found in Supported Controller Database, so Steam recognizes it as standard DirectInput device.

Steam Link compatibility

Incompatible controller. Uses Wi-Fi connection which is not supported by Steam Link. [1]
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