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Developer(s) Amazon
First release date Amazon August 2012
Amazon Games August 2012 [1]
Digital Distribution


[edit] Features

[edit] Purchasing and Activating Games

Amazon does not currently require a client to play games on PC. Often when purchasing a digital copy of a game from Amazon, it will come as either an Origin, Uplay or Steam key.

[edit] Library

[edit] Issues and Fixes

[edit] Other Tips

[edit] Purchase games from from any country

To purchase digital games from Amazon US, use your UK Amazon account, and add a US delivery address to your account. This address needs to be a valid US address, but nothing will be sent there, and you can access all your games through their website. Some card issuers may charge a fee.

Use an address in a state which does not require sales tax.[2] For example:

Delaware Mailboxes, LLC
1400 Peoples Plaza
Suite 104
Newark, DE 19702
302.292.2502 - Phone 

[edit] Stats

Download Client Required: no
Supported OS Platforms: Windows and Mac
Gifting Availability: Yes
PayPal Accepted: Yes
Other Payment methods:


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